Grade 6


My Home

I never really understood that one saying, “home is where you hang your hat”. When I heard it the first time, I was like, “what?” I mean, yeah, home is where you hang your hat but what does that mean? Who ACTUALLY hangs their hat when they get home? Germaphobes, people with ADHD, OCD perhaps but sometimes they might even throw their hat. Imagine this; you just entered your friend’s friend’s friend’s friend’s uncle’s divorced wife’s cousin’s (removed thrice) baby brother’s girlfriend’s mother’s house. You walk in and see a hat rack right there. What do you do? Hang your hat, duh! But in no way does that make it your home. So another scenario, you just came home from a basketball game in which you murdered your opponent in a bloody 28:14 battle, what do you do? Go to bed, obviously. Well, probably have a bath first but you get the idea. But wait, rewind about 30 seconds back. Let’s see, you walked in and oh, oh my god, you threw your hat on your couch, you did NOT hang your hat! So why is the saying, “Home is wear you hang your hat” when you obviously did not hang your hat? So here is what home is to me:
Home is where you throw your hat…except of course when you have visitors.