Grade 4


My Home

My home is not just an ordinary house, it’s everything to me and to the rest of my family!
My home holds memories. I remember when I was little I use to cook in the kitchen on a cold winter day and I’d make soup, but it wasn’t a soup out of a recipe book. I just chopped up some veggies and put different spices in and put some broth in it and stirred it up put it on the oven and it was done. Out of all the times I made soup I only liked it once and we ate it in the snow bank.
All the kids have to do dishes and clean up after supper and to make it a little more fun we get the speaker, crank the praise music and dance while we clean. At my house, when we do jobs, it’s not always boring because we are with the people we love and we make memories out of it.
The most important memory was me and mom on the hay wagon outside, eating some snacks and watching the sunset and I accepted Jesus into my heart. It was a big change in my life. Now I am on the praise and worship team at church and I play the ukulele and I sing. God gave me the gift of spreading the news of Jesus Christ the Lord.
We have rules in our house so it keeps our house calm and we almost always talk kindly to each other. We aren’t allowed to run in the house or yell and we can only eat in our kitchen.We do good deeds for each other. We always give each other a hug and kiss before we go to bed. Another thing that makes it calm at our house is that we live in the country so it’s quiet inside and out and we have lots of space in our backyard! When I’m outside I hear the birds singing and the chickens clucking. It’s really calm and there are lots of places to relax. Everyone in my family is a Christian so we are not fighting all the time, we get along.My sister’s are in university, but I face time them everyday and I go and watch their games so we are still close.
If I lived by myself, home would just be an ordinary house, but my family is what makes my home, home.