Grade 6


My Home

Home, a place where I’m safe, untouched and cared for. It’s so peaceful and safe when I think of my home. I feel loved and encouraged by my family when I think of my home. Home means a lot to me and I’m not willing to give it all away. There is nothing better than being home. I enjoy being around my family and I feel safer around them.

When I’m home I have that nice vibe. My home is like a sanctuary and like an oasis. It’s so peaceful at my home and it’s like all the weight on my shoulders just fall of. It’s just quiet in the morning and the sun is shining on the snow, giving of that nice sparkling look on it. When I get home, I feel relieved and I don’t have to deal with all the stress and pressure when I’m home. I have all the privacy that I need, and my home is like a relaxing place where you can just chill out. My home is where all your worries disappear.

My home is like the beaver’s when the daddy beaver builds the dam and his family and him are safe in there. I have a home where I can do anything without hesitating or worrying. When I walk into my home it has that nice smell to it and it makes me feel like that’s where I belong. My home is where I’m safe from all the bad possibilities that could happen. And that what home means to me.