Grade 6

British Columbia

My Home

I will talk about how you turn a house to a home first take some of your old stuff like furniture and move that in. You like I have no memories in the new house, so you need to make memories by starting by putting up art or start playing with your pet. Your new house has to have a life. How can you give it a life well? You need to have family,colour, and happiness. And now it is time to talk about why I love my home.

My home always smells really nice.
My mom always vacuums our house, but she will put some peppermint in the vacuum which makes it smell like peppermint. She will also put lemon wax in a wax burner, Which makes it smell like lemon. She will put room freshers in all of the room. My room has a berry smell. My whole home smells great at all times.

At my home I feel safe and here’s why.
Why? I feel my home feels safe because my family is there with me. My home is always locked and no one can get in. My bed is one of the safest places for me. Why? It is where I sleep and it is where I know that I am safe. I know I’m going to be safe with my mom, my brother and sister.

My room is my favorite spot in my home.
My Xbox is one of my favorite things in my home. What I like to do on my Xbox is I often play games but when I’m bored I watch youtube. My stuff is so important to me. My stuffies help me remember my dog and can cheer me up. M door helps with a lot of things. It helps me for privacy and I can just have quiet.

This is why I love my home but it will end soon because I’m moving so very soon. At my new house I will be with my family and all my stuff will be with me. At my new house me and my family will make new memories. Thanks for reading my story about why I love my home.