Grade 4


My Home

My home
What home means to me:
My home is warm, safe and fun. I always have a bed to sleep on. When I’m down, my cat cheers me up. I always have something to do, either chores or playing games with my sisters. When I want food, it will be in my fridge, and when I want water, it’s there. When it rains, there is a roof over my head. I have a furnace that keeps me warm. I have electricity to turn on my TV when I want. When I want to cool off, I can jump into my pool. When I am cold I can turn on our fireplace. My family is kind to me and my sisters help me do my homework. Some people don’t have all of these things that I am listing. Some people don’t even have a home and this reminds me how grateful I am.
And that’s what home means to me.