Grade 4


My Home


What does home mean to me? My home is a calm, safe, and happy place. My home makes my family and everyone that visits it happy. My home is welcoming! I feel safe at home because of my dog Fritz. He’s a great guard dog! When I’m at home I either play video games, play drums, or go outside. Also, my room is the coolest place in my house. It is filled with games, books, Legos, and special rocks!
If I didn’t have a home I would be sad. Sometimes I feel bad for people because they don’t have a safe home. I am so lucky to have a nice home and a wonderful family! My dad Novak is funny and hard working. My mom Aleksandra is caring and helpful. My brother Ilija is athletic and smart and my sister Mila is loving and cool. My family is a very busy family- my sister is a dancer and I practice jiu jitsu and soccer. We like to travel and spend time together. My extended family is in Serbia. I have many cousins and relatives. My favourite cousins are Vuk, Tara, and Anya. I love going to Serbia!
What does home mean to me? Home is where my family is!