Grade 5


My Home

My home feels comfortable when we all snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie. In my home, I see my family and my dog rushing to the door to hug and lick me!
When my dad is in the kitchen, making food like pizza or muffins, he has the radio on and sings along with it. Everyone laughs when he tries to hit the high notes!
I see pictures of my family, and I see people that love me! If I am anywhere other than my house, my stuffies, my family, including my dog, and my friends make me feel at home!
At my home, things that I taste regularly are foamy hot chocolate, buttery grilled cheese, crispy french fries with mayo, avocados, crunchy cucumbers and last but not least, warm croissants with Nutella!
When my family goes to my grandparents’ cottage, my dog loves the water and the whole time we are there, we smell wet dog. It is gross but it is still a piece of home.
When my dad and I go camping, we sit by the fire where it is really warm. But when we go home we smell like campfire. My sister does not like the smell. To me, it smells like home.
When I come home, I see my guitar. When I play, it makes me feel safe and happy! It is the sound of home.
Any human being can be houseless but no human should be without a home. You always have a home if you have family, friends, your favourite things and pets, even if you do not have a house to keep them in.