Grade 4


My Home

Home to me means FAMILY and out off all of the family members in my home, I love Oreo. He’s a black and white rabbit who makes me feel good when I’m alone. Even though he’s a rabbit he’s not just some pet, he’s apart of our family human or animal.
Sometimes I just want to lay down on my bed and play games in my room. It just makes me happy I enjoy playing with my family. Mostly playing fighting games are the most fun and I enjoy it because it’s in my HOME.
Mostly my closet is filled with toys. I don’t like playing with some of my toys but I still like playing with them because it’s the only reason my sister plays with me, but also its fun to play with toys sometimes.
I can always watch anime that I like when I get home. I can’t watch anime on road trips or in stores. We always have WIFI in our place so I know each time I get home I can watch my anime.
I also listen to Japanese music each weekend I look for apps that have Japanese music because, I can’t go on YouTube to listen to music but I still listen to anime intros.
I love my food that I get from my parents. I never run out of school snacks and we always have good food to eat for breakfast, supper and lunch. I’m lucky and happy to have food to eat.
The best part of HOME is that we are never moving or leaving. I never want to leave my HOME anyways. I have so many friends and many memories in my HOME and my FRIENDS visit sometime. Every one deserves a home. HOME IS ABOUT FAMILY.