Grade 5

New Brunswick

My Home


Hi, I will show you my home. When you go into my home there is one couch. So go straight there is one table and kitchen. So… go upstairs you will see three beds and one washroom. Also downstairs has one washroom. So this was my Canadian home.


Hi guys. My home has three floors. So when you go in you can see one big TV and 1kitchen. There are two rooms because my Grandmother and grandfather live there too. They live on one floor. Go upstairs. Me, mom, Evan and dad live on the two floors. Go upstairs and that is where my uncle lives. My family lives on three floors.

Now, I know my Canadian home and my Korean home.
My Korea home has three floors, but Canada has two floors but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada home is white
And black in color. But my Korean home is not my favorite
colour. So I was thinking about my home. Um……..
…… yes! I think I like both homes. l l