Grade 5

Sturgeon County

My Home

My house is so awesome. It was built in WW2. It was my dad’s uncle’s house. They were neighbors and my dad always went over there to fish. Now we live in it. I was born and raised there. It is grayish-blue. It is so cool.

One thing I love about my home is my bedroom. It has a comfy treehouse bunk bed. It’s so comfy with all 30 of my stuffies and my six blankets. I sleep on the bottom because the top has a window by it and I’m also scared of heights. My room has a well in it and it gets stinky really easy. I have a nice smelling candle in it.

Second thing I love about my home is my kitchen. Me, my mom and sister always bake in it. It always smells so good. There has never been any bad smells in there. Sometimes we make things that fail. Three times I have made a microwave cake in a bowl. It was spice cake, so yummy.

Third thing I love about my home is my living room. I always have my birthday in there. We push the couch and chair back towards the wall. We put all the presents on the coffee table. My mom always bakes my cake. After we eat the cake, all of the kids go play in the snow, then we come in and eat dinner and watch TV for a while.

Fourth thing I love about my house is my backyard. We have a playground, we always swing on it. My cousin always comes over and plays on it with us. We have so much fun. In the winter, we climb around and jump off the playground and land in the snow.

That’s why I love my home.