Grade 5


My Home

A home is a place where one lives as a member of a family. It is a place that provides warmth, love, respect, shelter, and is welcoming.
My home is the sweetest place in the world. It is about 35 years old and is located in Saskatoon.
The members of my family are my loving parents, grandmother, sister, baby brother, and I. We all help to keep the house clean and tidy by sharing house chores. We have two gardens – one for flowers and another for vegetables. My mom loves gardening in spring and summer while my dad loves to mow the lawn. My grandma takes care of my brother, sister, and I while my parents work from home.
I live in a magnificent house surrounded by beautiful flowers and fenced with evergreens. It is a bi-level home with four bedrooms, one nook, two living rooms, two bathrooms, and one kitchen. My mom and grandmother cook all sorts of delicious meals in the kitchen. My parents and grandmother have one bedroom each while I share my bedroom with my sister. We have a large backyard which also houses a garage for parking cars and bicycles in the yard in warmer months. We also enjoy barbeques and roasted marshmallows on our fire pit. There is a deck at the back of our year where we sit on the swing to bask in the sun, relax, and enjoy the scenery.
I am thankful for the privilege of having a home where I am loved, cared for, and taught good family values, but I sometimes think about people who do not have homes and hope that one day I can support more people to have homes in Saskatoon.