Grade 6


my home

My Home

Home is a cozy place that collects all your wonderful memories. A home doesn’t have to be a mansion or a palace. It really doesn’t matter what you live in or where you live. Home is where you make unforgettable memories with your family.

Home are the hilarious moments when I do my homework. I sat down quietly at the dinner table. I opened my dot backpack and took out my stunning pink homework folder. Inside the science section, I took out the science project that was due on Tuesday. I finished the first page of the project and felt really relived, but when I realized there was a back page. As I was about to start the back page,

I suddenly started to hear my silly fluffy dog bark. When I looked over, I saw my fluffy cat Alfie and my golden dog Willow chasing each other around like CRAZY! I couldn’t focus on my work anymore. The chase didn’t stop until my cat Alfie got anxious. Alfie attacked right at Willow’s face. “oof” as I said to myself. Mostly I tried to focus on my work again but then I heard Willow bark again. I knew something was wrong, so I looked over and saw Alfie trying to slap Willow in the face. It was so hilarious. The look on Willow’s face looked like he was so defeated. I played with my pets for a bit and went back to work!

Kindness is love and that is always at home!