Grade 5

Sturgeon County

My Home

My home is my favorite place in the whole world. I love the safe feeling I get when I am sleeping in my soft bed cuddling with my adorable stuffed animal which is a panda stuffy. In my house I feel safe because I have a roof to protect my family from the weather and doors for privacy and a bathroom to do my business in and keep me clean.

My favorite part about my home is my bedroom, it makes me feel safe when I am sitting in there reading or playing a game. What makes my house feel like a home is that I have family who live in it and pets that cuddle me and that it has so many memories in it.

My favorite room in my house other than my room is our comfortable, cozy living room. I love my living room because it has a big fireplace that keeps me warm; most of all is the amount of family time that is spent in there. We love watching a movie together or playing a board game by the fire. I love my cozy couch that I love to cuddle my mom and dad on. Me and my family watch a lot of movies together in our living room.