Grade 5

Sturgeon County

My home

The home I have is the only home I have ever known. It has all of my memories.

Charlie is the part of my home that brings me the most joy. Charlie is our family dog, who always comes to us if we need help. Having a home means having Charlie

I feel the most at home when we are all in the kitchen together. Everyone is helping out, but my sister is screaming a lot. The smell of bacon, that fills the house, makes everybody’s stomach growl, and I am so thankful for our house.

I need my bed because then I can dream and I feel safe in bed. I need my bed so I can have naps and lay down. My bed is important to me, so I can get warm.

I need my TV to play some games when I want. My tv is important to me so I can watch my shows on Netflix. I need my TV so when my friends come over we can watch some shows and play games together.

These are all the things I like in my house. Without my home I would feel sad.