Grade 6

Portugal cove, St. Philips
Newfoundland and Labrador

My Home

Do you hear that? Do you hear the waves shattering the rocky cliff in the distance? Do you feel that? Do you feel your mother’s hand gently swaying you awake? Do you see that? Do you see the rust covered swing through the colorfully trimmed window? I’m thrilled to say I do. I live in one of these beautiful Newfoundland homes that stands out from the rest. I’ve been truly blessed to live in a home and have a family that accepts me for who I am, and doesn’t expect anything else from me than to be me and take my own road down life’s endless journey. The meaning of home to me is not only the actual house itself, but the emotions and environment around it. My home is where I make memories that will stay in my heart forever.

Some might say a home is just a place where you sleep and eat, some may say a home is only a structure built by wood and nails, but I say it’s built with pride and joy and yes you eat and sleep, but every meal I eat and every yawn I take I know I’m the most fortunate I can ever be in my heart. I know in this essay I’m supposed to talk about the meaning of home, but some people do not have a home to speak of. Not everyone is lucky enough to live in a safe and healthy environment. I want to take action and be known for helping others, that’s the real reason I’m writing this essay.

Do you hear that? Do you hear the deafening sounds of sirens on the cold concrete ground? Do you feel that? Do you feel the sorrow that’s stuck to you like the gum on your shoe? Do you see that? Do you see your dreams slowly getting out of reach? I don’t, but others do, their lives are sometimes beyond their control….
So let’s take control, and help those in need!