Grade 6

British Columbia

My Home

Home is our place,
We all wish to be.
Where we say grace,
And find safety.

A gingerbread candle,
Flickering in the window.
Dull light coats the mantel,
As the curtains gently billow.

The warmth of our covers,
Caresses our face.
Our sisters and brothers,
Play a game of chase.

Laughter rings high,
Like a choir chanting,
In the dark of the sky,
The wind is dancing.

Above the elements scream,
While my story is told.
Safe below I dream,
Hidden from the cold.

A new beginning,
In your wonderland.
A home should be forgiving,
Like a flower in the sand.

Sweet rays of hope,
A life without cries.
And now I have learned,
Home is where the heart lies.