Grade 4

British Columbia

My Home

Our homes are more than where we live, they have special meaning. My home is built with the love of my family. A home is a place that will remind me of countless memories when I will walk through the journey of life. It is often associated with parents, siblings, warmth and comfort. Home is where my little brother can drive me insane and then can make me happy in a second as well. It is not just a place to live, it’s a feeling. For those of us who are lucky enough to grow up in houses owned by our parents, they are where we have memories — the places we play and argue and hung our artwork, posters and paintings and had so much fun. Our house represents to us a good amount of the success our parents have achieved, an outward expression of how hard work has paid off in comfort and safety and the respect of the community. When things went well our houses got better, the paint got freshened up, maybe a pool got built in the backyard, maybe some new furniture or a new trampoline. Home is where I live play and have so much fun. I am so lucky to live at home. Sometimes I think of homeless people and I feel sad because their home is on the streets. They don’t have any memories of home. There are 2.2 billion kids in the world and half of them are homeless! And in 2016, 440 million people died because of homelessness. I am so lucky to live in a home! And have so many memories, dreams, hope, love and a home! I love my home. What do you think the meaning of home is?