Grade 5


My Home

What my home feels like to me is life. I am very comfortable in my home. I have part of my family here in our house. I am happy going to school with my class. I love my school a lot. The staff makes sure that everyone is safe. Every school should have a Breakfast Club, where students can get breakfast in the morning. I don’t have a big house, but I am still happy. I feel bad for people who don’t have a normal house like me. We should pray for the people who are in need. I have pets in my home. So I am very grateful for my home. Canada is a country that helps everyone. I have a PS 4, a phone, an Ipad, a Nintendo and a computer. I use them when I need them, and to play games. I am lucky to have my own bed room. Because we have a home, we can be on soccer teams and attend practices during the week. Every child should be able to have the toys and sports teams and training that I have. This is my home and everybody should be able to have one like it.