Grade 6


My Home

does “home”
mean to me? For
me, it’s having that
distinct smell when you
walk in. The smell that you
know means you’re home. A
home to me means that I can share
my opinions openly and not hold back
what i’m feeling. A place where if I had a
hard day, I can let it all out to someone who cares. Even though it may lead to a few tears
or even a river. I know that a home is where I’m loved beyond measure and I love people beyond measure. To me a home means that I know every inch of it like the back of my hand. In my home, I know that i don’t need to look nice. I can . look sloppy in my home because I’m comfort- able in my home and I know no one will judge me. When I hear the word
home, all those things come to mind. But the biggest thing I think of when I hear . the word home is my family. My family is what makes my house a home. My home is forever
my family is. That’s what home means to . me and I hope that someday every- one In the world will be able to . experience These things in their own HOME