Grade 5


My Home

Home is a place that I am thankful to have. Home is a place that everyone should have. A place to relax and sleep, a place to play and share, a place that your family and you love. A home is filled with happiness and love and a place to be taken care of.
How are homes made? Well, people in the community help and your home can be made by anyone. Home contains all of the things that I love and people I care about. Home is a place where I want to be if I want to stay warm. Home is a place where I can rest when I am tired. I am thankful for the people who built my home. Home can be a house or an apartment. It is special no matter how small it is. My family is the reason why I have my home so I am thank them for that. I love my home! I am thankful that I have such a wonderful home.
What else does this home give me? It gives me the embrace when I run back because I hate shopping. My home is special to me and my family, that’s why my family takes care of it, so we always have a happy, wonderful home. My home contains lots of cool rooms, such as the living room, a place where I can relax and watch tv, the kitchen, where my family can eat, the bedrooms, where my family can sleep and i can play games. My home gave my family these awesome rooms and that is why my home is great.
My family loves our home. There are some homes that I had to say goodbye to and they were cool too. However, this home is special to me and my family causes this home to be filled with stuff that we are pleased to have. My home is a home like no other.