Grade 5


My Home

Home to me means a big or small shelter. Your home is a place for you to relax like a bedroom. You can do almost anything in a home, or some people say “shelter.” I think the coolest thing about homes is how many rooms it can have inside. Mine has three but others might have four or two. If your home only has one room and your friends have five, don’t feel bad just remember, “As long as you have shelter, you’ll be safe.” And your home doesn’t just need to be a house, it can be an apartment, condo, town house or trailer and so on. What I’m trying to say is be thankful for what size or even type of house you have. Some people can’t afford big houses so just be respectful AND thankful for what you have!
Anyways… here are some things that tell what the word “home” means. A safe place like having a lock on the door or even having extra locks. A peaceful place to do to homework or coloring and relaxing. And now the last one BUT not the worst is a . . . window because I know a lot of people have plants and guess what plants need? Sunlight (well most of them) And not just because plants need it. WE NEED WINDOWS AS WELL! Because we want to know what time it is. Day or night? So if you don’t have a house just remember go to your local Habitat for Humanity and they will help you!