Grade 6

St. John's
Newfoundland and Labrador

My Home!

My Home!🏠
My home is a place where my family and I enjoy each others company and can be ourselves. I always feel safe when I am at my home and it is a place for me to relax after a tough day. At my home, we make so many memories. We always love each other and together we always celebrate each others achievements and help each other through disappointments. Help is only a shout away and there are always free hugs. You can always talk openly and can share your feelings and thoughts since there is always someone there to listen. We celebrate our traditions and our culture at my home with the rest of our family. I love my home and my family so much!

My Home and what it means to me!
M om and dad are always so caring.
Y ellow walls to see but more than meets the eye.

H elp is always provided.
O pen is always the door.
M y home is not just a ‘’house’’.
E very day we laugh and love each other more.