Grade 5


My Home

Home is where i live,
Home is where it is,
My home might not be in Rome,
It might even be in a dome,
But this is what I call home.

Home is a place to stay,
The hope never goes away.
My home is full of imagination,
Everything is a creation.

In my home we like to bake,
Are favourite food to bake is cake.
Every room is filled with memories,
Memories that can not break.
The family room is lots of fun,
It’s where we go when school is done,
Its were we play until day is done,
I like that room; it’s lots of fun.

Home is a place where I love to be,
Home is a place where there is family!
Family is one thing…
But home is another,
It’s special in many different ways.

I hope one day everyone will have a home,
A place they can call their own.
A place of hope and love,
A place that they will stay for more than one day.
A place that family will stay,
And not go away.