Grade 5


My Home

Home is my safe place where anything is possible even the impossible. Where I can laugh and cry make rules and break rules. Talk with my loved ones without being scared of letting my true colours shine through even the good ones and the bad ones. I can just be my grateful self and take time to enjoy life with the beautiful and amazing people around me. They love me with all of their hearts they give me all the respect and care that I always want though the tough times and the remarkable and amazing times. Everyone’s home can be just like mine if they just love the people who there are sharing the home with. It does not matter how big or small the house is as long as you feel comfortable in your home. Just find your safe place in your home and make it your safe place. My huge basement is my safe place where I can play my favorite music and chill and relax and think of nothing else around me. Your home is not just a place that you live in it’s a place where memories are made with family friends no matter what age you are a house can become a home you just have to spread good vibes and hope throughout your home. See it’s not that hard for a house to become a home just have love yourself and the people who you share the home with just BELIEVE.