Grade 6


My Home

My Home

“Home” Home is not the house it is the memories, the love, and the people. It holds the most greatest memories. From the sad ones to the amazing ones. Home is a shelter that everyone should be grateful for. They can be big and tiny. But no matter the size home is something to always be grateful for.

I was sleeping peacefully in my room. I kept hearing our cats scrambling around. I laid there thinking it would stop, I waited…. After a couple of minutes, I still herd clangs and bangs.

I kept waiting, hoping it would stop. I got up and carefully walked so I wouldn’t wake my sister, but she herd me and said “where are you going” I said into mom and dad’s room. She came too.

I got in and lightly taped my mom she said “what” I said the cats are really loud. Then before my mom could speak, the cats burst in, and my sisters cat slid right across the floor and hit the mirror “clunk”. Me and my sister burst out laughing.

One day me and my sister were getting ready to play a spy game, we were singing and getting spy clothes on and loading nerf guns. After awhile, we had our gear on and our nerf guns at the ready. We wore all black.

We were walking, our breeze way door was open, so my sister went dododo and kicked the door trying to close it and look cool, but instead she said ow right after kicking the door and the door didn’t even close. We laughed so hard.

Home to me is kicking the door, my cats, my family, and love. Home is something that goes with you everywhere, even when you move. I love my home.