Grade 4

British Columbia

My Home

My home is a place where I can feel safe. A home is a place where I can eat. Somewhere I can be with my family. I’m grateful to have a house. Because some people don’t have a home to stay warm. And I want to help. At my home I can sleep in peace. Before I sleep, my mom says good night and I love you. I love my home because my family and I are happy. And I love that. At my home I can swim and play games with my family. In my home I read, I draw, and on weekdays I go to school. I love school. Too bad I don’t have a gym at my house. But I’m still grateful to have a home. Sometimes my mom reads to me before I sleep. I love my home and I love my mom. Sometimes think of giving billions of dollars to poor people for a house. Every night I sleep with a stuffy. I got him for my birthday. Sometimes my friends come over to my house and other times I go to their house.