Grade 4

Red Deer

My Home

My home is where I feel safe.
I have locks on the doors so no one gets in.
I can sleep at night knowing I am safe.
I know if I am scared my Momma and Daddy are there.

My Home is where I have all my toys.
I get excited when I get to play plushies.
I am proud when I complete a Lego set with daddy.
At Home I get to watch funny YouTube videos and shows about space.

My home is my family.
My Momma and Daddy are always there for me,
they love and keep me safe. They are the best parents
in the world. There is nothing better than cuddles from my Momma.

I love my home, I can’t imagine a better place to be.
My home isn’t the biggest but it’s my home, my family
and I love it.
I love my home and it’s the right place for me.