Grade 4

Red Deer

My Home

My home isn’t just one of those places, it is where I show my many faces.
My home can have a lot of commotion, it’s also full of all kinds of emotion.
My home is where my favorite food is created, I help set the table, fancy plated.
My home has fresh water, at the turn of a tap, we are so lucky to have resources like that.

In my home there lives one dog and one cat, the dog is skinny but the cat is quite fat.
In my home I am one of two boys, to hide from my sisters I go play with my toys.
In my home I never feel lonely because my sisters are so full of baloney.
In my home I lay in my bed, as I reflect back on the day I rest my head.

At my home we have blankets that keep us all warm,
As we huddle inside from every snowstorm.
At my home sometimes I have a bad day,
But when I go to bed my worries go away.

At my home we play games, we have fun and we laugh.
My favorite is when I am allowed to play Minecraft.
At my home It have pajamas that make me feel lazy.
And I wear them all day and drive my mom crazy.