Grade 4

New Brunswick

My Home

There are two places I like to call home.
They are both very different where I get to roam.
My first home had many different faces,
and we got to travel to a lot of cool places.
Belonging to this home is Mom, Isabelle, Charo, Nanny, and Gramp
there are so many pets it looks like lady and the tramp.
Out of all the animals my favourite is my dog bodie
he is so human I should have called him codie.
I love to play with him in the backfield,
where we hunt for golf balls that are often concealed.
Also, I can’t forget about my little dog hope she’s always so happy
Even playing with a piece of rope.
My Aunt Cindy and Uncle Glen belong there too,
and they know just what to do to cheer me up when I’m feeling blue.
If I’m really lucky there are three other people I get to see,
Aunt Kerry Uncle Jeff and Jackie when they come to visit me.
My other home is just as interesting too,
Filled with dad Isabelle Beatrice and Maxime there’s always something to do.
We got to travel to Paris Montreal and Ottawa just to name a few spots,
The only thing I don’t like is when my chore is to clean up all the pots.
At this home we like to play in the forest,
because when outside I never feel like a tourist.
So you see being a kid of divorce is not always bad,
Having two homes where I’m loved makes me quite glad.
I had to let go of the home I thought it would be,
so I could make room for all the possibilities now offered to me.