Grade 5


my home


My home is the best home I ever had. My old home I don’t even know it I was born there, and I moved out when I was three. This new house I’ve been here living there for seven years. I like this new house and I want to stay there for the rest of my life. This house will never go down we take good care of our house water good, and it will never want us to leave.

My home has my bed my PlayStation and my iPad. My room is small, and it cannot hold no more stuff. My PlayStation has a lot of games like Fortnite, and Jurassic world evolution are my two favorite games. I’m glad I have a PlayStation. I have posters and trophy’s all I need is dinosaur trophy’s because I now all my dinosaurs.

If we moved out and sold my home, there will be nothing else that I could call home.MY parents love me and my family if someone left home, we would super sad and angry because they had to do a job there or must move there.MY home is something that you cannot replace my home. You cannot call another house a home it would always be a house. I would never move if I couldn’t call a house a home.

My mom dad brother and my dog love me and when I go to college, they will miss me so much that they will call me every night. My friends are friends that I will never forget. If I do forget them, I will always make new friends. Aunts and uncles’ grandpas and grandmas all visit ones in a will. If I wound stay as a kid, I will be Abell to see my baby cousins I would never want to die.