Grade 5


My Home

Today I will talk about my home. Home is a place where everyone lives so we should take care of our home. My home is loud with the tv but also sometimes it gets low. Did anyone guess who is in my family? Ok I will tell you. I live with my mom, dad and my little brother. I think everyone does have those people in your family. Everyone feels safe and nice in their family but I feel so comfy in my home because home is the place where you live and also you feel nice in your home. What does your home smell like? Does your home smell ugly or nice? I think my home smells nice. One more question, does your home look modern or old? I think my home is modern and beautiful. Do you remember the moments that have happened in your home? But I remember the moments that have happened in my home. We celebrate birthdays, parties, weddings, picnics, travelling and playing and also eating together. Only sometimes we eat together like on weekends or when we go on a dinner but I enjoy those moments. I love my home so much and make sure that you make your home clean and also think about the moments that happen in your home.