Grade 6


My Home

When you walk into my house, it is a unique place. When you walk a few steps in you will get attacked by Moon or Moose, but when you turn to your right you will see my mom’s room and to the left will be the living room and in front will be the bathroom.

When you walk a little bit more, you will see our room (very messy) and to the other side will be the kitchen. Walk in at your risk: Moon or Moose will want to play (or they are hungry) but if you dare, go to the basement.

Once you are there you have 3 options: number 1, explore; number 2, do the laundry and do Moon’s litter; option 3, RUN!

If you choose to run, go outside and run to the tree house or the zipline Be warned! Moose is a chaser and a puller plus he is very fast and is hard to outrun, but overall my house is a great place with Moose, my dog, and Moon, my cat.