Grade 4

British Columbia

My home

My home is safe, my home is warm, my home has memories. I have lived in my house for 4 years. The entire time I have lived in my house, I have been happy. My home is so special to me and there are so many reasons why but one of the biggest reasons why is because of all the memories. In my house there are so many good and bad memories and I love all of them. I love the memories of my family and my pets and friends. I love my home so much and I love everything in it (except spiders). The people in my house support me and love me and I love them. Everything in my house is kind of like a part of me in a way. I remember getting my cats in that house and it was the first night that I slept in that house. One of my bad memories is when my dog died but no matter what happens I know the people in my house will love me through sadness and anger and I will do the same for them