Grade 4

British Columbia

My home

My home is safe. It’s safe from sadness and bad memories. Where people love me even if I shout at them. Where I can feel cozy and warm. It’s mine to cherish. I have my own room and my own bed.

My home means having a roof over my head. It does not mean having a big T.V or even having a T.V.

It means having a bed or something to sit or sleep on. You don’t need electronics for it to feel like it’s your home. My home is filled with happy memories and good thoughts. You are all lucky that you have a home or something with a roof over your head.

You never feel sad, at least not for long. My mom and dad are a big part of my home.

They do everything at home: they cook for me, they buy food for me, they bought the house.

On the weekends we go for walks in the forest. We are lucky to have snow close to us and we can go up to the mountain to ski and snowboard. My home is family, forest and mountain.