Grade 5


My Home

I love my home oh yes its true.
It hold love and my family too.

It’s awesome oh it’s so warm and cozy
When my mum is cooking it’s so noisy.

My home has some really cool stuff.
Like warm beds and pillows which contain fluff.

I’m lucky my home has two PS4s.
Oh and it has a lot of doors.

When I think of home I think of movies and ice cream. Living in my home is the ultimate dream.

Home is a place where I love to draw.
Having a safe home should be the law.

My home smells like softness and roses
And the smell brings joy to our noses.

Home is a place where memories are born every day.
A place where my sisters and I love to play.

I wish warm beds for all
No matter how short or tall.

I’m glad I have a home but I’m sad some people don’t.