Grade 4


My Heart is Where my Home is

Home to me

Home makes me happy, warm & fuzzy inside. I never did think about people who don’t have a home, until now. Home is made of memories. It’s hard to move because your home has a title: YOUR HOME !

Ingredients for a home to me

Laughter, anger, joy, sadness, stress, surprise, hope, care, creations, safety, family, wishes, dreams, curiosity, learning, believing, growing, but most importantly love but . . . what if you don’t have a home, can you still have those things?

What people have done

Not long ago my class went on a field trip to a homeless shelter. We had an interview with someone who worked there, and she showed us pictures of kids who donated money to the shelter. The first one was two kids who did a lemonade stand and gave all the money to the shelter. They did it so many times. Eventually, the neighbours got sick of lemonade. The second one was a girl who sewed hats and sold them and, once again, donated all the money. The third one there was a girl who baked cookies cakes and more and once more she sold them and gave it to the shelter.


We all have them, we all make them, we all talk about them but most are at our home so what happens if you don’t have a home? Can you still have memories? Well, I’m going to answer that question – they can. They may not be good memories, but they still have them there just like us – so you have the answer.