Grade 6

prince george
British Columbia

My Heart Home

Have you ever wondered what home actually means? We hear the word home every single day. What does it mean? A physical home? A mental home? An emotional home? What do we call it? What do we say? Half the world does not have a physical home much less a mental home. Home is when you can love your family, support them, and feel appreciative and they can too.
Sure, home could be a physical home; it may also be a mental home that helps supports you along the way. When you are running a race, you hear your name shouted across the field, saying, “Go, good job.” You look over, see your parent recording, cheering you on. That is when you feel home. That is showing support. This is when I feel at home. I feel at home when I feel appreciated.
Home is when you feel appreciated. Sometimes you help someone at the supermarket shelves. They are appreciative. You feel appreciated and feel at home. Maybe they do that to you and then they feel appreciated. They are home then. When you feel appreciated, you feel home. I feel home when that happens. That is not the only factor though. The last and most important is love.
Love is a very important factor. Love is your parents kissing and hugging you, or your little sibling cuddling with you in bed. You feel home then. Home is when your friend helps you out of love. Love connects all the factors together. You always need love to make it truly a home.
Home is when you feel supported, appreciated, and loved. Home could be anywhere to you. It does not matter where you are to be home. Home is not a place on ground but a place in your heart.