Grade 6


My Happy Place

The meaning of home, home isn’t just a place that has a roof on top, it’s a place full of love and laughter. There’s joy all around you no matter what is going on. Your family is your loved ones that comfort you in every way. Even though I don’t get along with my brother or maybe my mom, I still love them to the best of my heart. I’m so glad that I live under a roof that has all my comfort, love and sadness no matter what. Whenever I come home I have clean drinking water and nutritious food to eat. It’s just so amazing how a home can bring you this much happiness for the most littlest things. Your home is a safe environment where you can share all your feelings and thoughts with your loved and close ones.

No matter how big your house is it never changes your personality, and it doesn’t make you any more rich or poor. You should be thankful because you have a roof on your head, food to eat and clothes on your back. I am the happiest person on Earth because I have a home and the special ones that I love are around me.