Grade 4

Sturgeon County
Newfoundland and Labrador

My Happy Place

To me home means a happy place. A place where your family can be together, a safe place. Home to me means living on an acreage and running around with my sister – playing outside with her, making Lego creations with her, and making up and testing crazy ideas with her. Home means family. Spending time with them, talking to them. I think of home as something that keeps you safe from the rain and wind, a place where you can go to feel safe. Not everybody has a home, but I am glad I have one. A home is where you grow up. Lots of memories and emotions happen at your home. You have been there your whole life. I have moved before, and I think a permanent home is better because you can stay there instead of moving everywhere. I am so thankful to have a home and enjoy sharing it with others. I think home is the best place to be.