Grade 5


My Happy Home

I love my happy home. Home is where my family is and I am thankful for my safe home. The first day I went into my home, I was just one day old. I got held by my mom and dad a lot. I was in my home when I took my first step and said my first word. I love playing with my puppy and my two cats. I have two sisters, we argue sometimes but we always work it out. I love to bake and make crafts with my mom in my home. I love when I go with my dad and help him with things. At home I really like the summer, when we go on our trails with our quads. I have a Honda quad and it has 5 gears and it has 4 wheels. In winter me and my family go sledding, skating, and ski-dooing behind our home. My dad lets me drive the Skandic Ski-Doo around my home and that’s ‘’really fun’’. I love my home and what I have at my home, and I hope people can have the same. I will enjoy every last moment that I can every day. I love my home and this is the home that I became ME!