Grade 4

Grand Bay-Westfield
New Brunswick

My Great Home

Home is a special place for me. It gives me great memories, a good shelter to stay safe, and to spend time with my family.

Memories are realizing the past. It could be good, bad, or funny. My home has had a lot of memories. One of my memories is when I was younger. It was my cousin Chloe’s birthday so the adults and the older kids ate cake but I was too young to eat cake. So when they weren’t looking I had to eat the cake. That is my favorite memory yet!

Shelter is another way of saying home or house. My home is where we live and survive. We have home cooked food and clean fresh water. I stay warm in my house because I’m not in the freezing cold outside. I am so thankful for my home.

My family is special to me but they think it’s the other way around. They keep me company so I’m not alone. My family members are my dad Cory, my mom Kim, my two brothers Connor and Cohen, and my dog Cooper. Last but not least my family takes care of me so I’m not homeless. I love my family.

My home is my favorite place to be. It has my lovely family, a shelter, and lastly wonderful memories.