Grade 6


My Great Home

For me, home makes me have fun, feel safe, and I feel responsible. First of all, when I go home I can play video-games or watch YouTube which, for me is really fun. The reason I like to watch YouTube and play video-games is so I’m not bored when I get home. If we want to watch a movie my parents and I will pick a movie that we all agree on and on one of our walls there’s a painting that says, “Home is where the heart is,” by Pliny The Elder. A couple hours after I get home my parents and I eat supper and sometimes we make my Mom feel good by saying, “You cook like a professional chef.” Also, my mom sometimes cooks slowly like a turtle. I can feel safe at home while I’m with my parents and I feel responsible when I take my 2 dogs outside for a walk, and then I feel responsible when I do the dishes. Currently home makes me have fun, feel safe, and responsible. Maybe in the future I will feel different about home.