Grade 5


My given home

A home is a safe place.
A place for everyone.
A place I feel welcomed.

A gift from God, I cannot live without.
The way that it’s special to me is what it’s all about.
When I come home, I enter a secure household.
When I enter the building, it is no longer cold.

The fact that other humans don’t have a home makes me feel bad.
I have this beautiful shelter that others deserve too.

Everyday I’m sinking into my couch, wondering what I can do to help.
I don’t want thousands of people to live outside in the freezing cold,
So I’m gonna help out till I’m 100 years old.

To the day I die, I will not hold back.
We need to help the community, that’s a fact.
Everybody should be living in a home, not the streets.
A home is more than a structure, it is a treat.
A treat for everyone, even you and me.

It is more than stapled wood put together,
It is the most valuable item to exist, ever.
I will cherish this building forever,
But also pass it on to one another.

I’m wondering how others can have a home like me,
Then it comes to mind,
That habitat for Humanity is the key.