Grade 5

British Columbia

My Full Cup

What is a house? A house is just four or more walls. A simple, blank, empty structure. “But could it be more?” I ask. “How? Why?” Well, that’s simple! Just try! Because your house will turn into a home, once you’ve lived in it and grown. A house is a start of a home.

What is a home? A home could be a dog house for a hound, or a good feeling passed around. It could be a laugh with a friend, something that will last to the very end! If you need someone to explain, do not worry, home gives no blame. Because home, if you make a mistake or hurt, home will leave it behind, in the dirt. Taking you and your kin, when you’re at home, we all fit in! So if you need a place to rest, choose it with family, for they’re the best!

A good friend once said to me, “Love is stronger than a bomb, you see. Your glass is never half empty, it’s always half full.”
So, it could be a bomb full of love, or a half full glass, the people in our homes and communities are all joined in a big love mass.