Grade 6


My Forever Home

My Forever Home

In the dictionary,
Home is defined as a place where one lives,
But to me, home is the place
Where I feel the safest and the most loved

To most, my home might seem like nothing more than a speck on Earth
But if you asked me,
I’ll tell you it is my family
I’ll tell you it is my happy place
I’ll tell you it is my world

Forever, my home will be my family
Where my siblings’ laughters
Will never cease to ease my agony
Because they will always be all that matters

Forever, my home is my happy place
Where being alone will never be the case
A space where i can be me
And love freely

Forever, my home will be my world
Where the love will be preserved
A safe haven that will create
Memories that will never be erased

And so, every night, I thank my lucky stars
For a family, a place, and a world I get to call home
So let this be known, that with this poem
I will make a difference for those who are alone