Grade 5


My Feelings of Home

My Feelings of Home
By Carter

Home to me is a secure place that puts a smile on my face!
Having fun, and laughing all the time and every day.
Reading tales in my bed, about a guy who’s such an egghead.

Smelling that appetizing feast, eating it makes me feel like a beast!
I’m sad that some people only have very least!
The outside can be a chill, coming inside you mite needs some advice.

Playing games every Saturday night, going to bed when it feels like midnight. Home is where loved ones will be. Every time I’m away,
Every day feels like a holiday! Without a house, I’d be gray.

I love my fluffy bed so I get a good night’s rest. Waking by the bright sunlight makes me feel the best! Watching TV and eating breakfast in the mornings fills my belly with good comedy and nutrients. This is home to me.