Grade 5


My Favourite Place

Home provides a lot for me. It gives me wonderful memories. It keeps me safe and gives me love and comfort. It helps me meet all my needs.
I believe that you have lots of good memories at your home. Like when you lose your first tooth! I like the feeling when it comes out that your family supports you.
I feel very safe when I am with my family, because I’ve lived with them for my whole life. So I know they wouldn’t hurt me or put me down. So when I’m scared, I talk to them.
My needs are truly met. I have a roof over my head. I have water to drink and food to eat. And I’m loved. Unfortunately, some kids like me don’t have that.
At my house I feel very loved when I get home from school feeling sad. My kitten comes to me and makes me glad. Then I’m in a good mood for the rest of the day.
Last, but not least, I feel very comfortable at home because I don’t have to worry about stuff and can enjoy the rest of my day.
Home is truly incredible! With all it does for me, it is no wonder it is my favourite place in the world.