Grade 5


my favorite places

I am in unique situation. I have two homes and I’m thankful for both of my homes, because I have my family right by my side to guide me through every momment no matter where I go.
At my one home, it is me, my Dad, my two sisters, my dog and cat. At my other home it is me, my mom, sister and my cat. Both of my houses are close together. I can walk to either house if I need get something or go and say hi. I live with my mom and dad week on and week off. Both homes mean a lot to me.
I don’t find it different when I go to each house because the most important thing is spending time with my family. When I play hockey, my mom, my dad, and sometimes my three sisters come to watch. It makes me feel good when everyone comes to watch me play my sports.
Home is my safe place. All my valuable things are at my houses and I feel most safe when everyone is home. My dog and and my cats are there if I feel sad, and when I cuddle them, they make me feel happy.
Both my homes are places that I can talk about my problems. My mom and my dad and my sisters always help me with things if I need them.
My homes are my favorite places to be and I wouldn’t change it.

By Jake