Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

My Favorite Place

Home is a place to feel comfortable and safe to live and to laugh and to have your own space. At home you feel free, peaceful and calm, you can learn to cook or even write your own song.

When I’m home I feel great, happy and strong, like this is the place where I belong! My house is nice and just the right size for my family of three, it even fits our dog, the gerbils and outside, our tree!

Home is where I dance and sing, where I play, grow and learn new things. I love my home. It is great, it’s a calming and peaceful place.
Home can mean many different things, but most of all, what it means to me, is to learn more and enjoy your favorite things.

Home is a place where everyone needs to stay safe, warm and feel free, to live and love and spend time with your family.
Home is my shelter, it’s where I belong, I love it so much it sticks like a song.

Home is so much more than a roof to me, it’s the family, friends and pets you see, that fill your day with happiness and glee.
Home is a place to feel loved and admired. It’s a place that you will miss when you’re far away, it’s a place where you love to stay.