Grade 4


My Family Home

My family home is the best! I love it so much because my home is shelter from the storm. I am safe in my home, and my family is in my home so they can keep me safe. They comfort me when I am scared, but my home can too, and that is why I love my home. But that isn’t all because my home is the best My home can save the day when I am being bullied because I can go home and be safe because no one can come in my home and hurt me. So, I have a question for you. Do you feel safe in your home? I love my home because a home is so much better than a house because a house isn’t filled with love and family and family is the most important to me. If I had a wish, I would wish of my home to stay the same for as long as I live. A house is not the same. A house is not the same because a house is not filled with family and that is why I love mine so much. I love my home so much. I will live in it for as long as I live because it is my home No one can take it away from me and my family. I have one more wish and that wish is that every child in the world should have a loving home.