Grade 5


My Family Home

My Family Home
Home is where you live, laugh, love, and play. My home is wherever my family is.
My family travels a lot. We travelled around California for three weeks in a camper van. The van was our family home while we travelled! Some days I was homesick but my mom told me that wherever we were together was our home, even when it was away from our house.
My family lived with my grandparents for awhile. That was home too because we were all together! It felt like home right away because we already had spent so much time there before with my grandparents and their cat.
This summer, I moved into a new house. At first, it did not feel like home to me. My family was with me, but we didn’t have memories there yet. During the COVID pandemic we have spent so much time together in our new home playing games, watching movies, and having sleepovers. It didn’t feel like home at first, but it does now.